2 Acre Studios

We build websites and other digital media for small businesses. But the thing we do best is build relationships.

We do this with you as a client and we create solutions that provide a relationship building conduit between you and your customers. Whether it’s websites, social media or traditional marketing, We connect with you and your customers at the emotional core. We listen to what you have to say, but also use empathy to understand how you and your customers feel. It’s the right balance of intelligence and emotion that not only gets the job done, but gets it done right.

We build solutions that get results because we don’t want you to waste time and money doing anything just for sake of it. Yes, you need a website. So, why not get a website that gives you a solid return on your investment?

If you’re ready to take your small business website and online marketing to the next level, please contact us to setup a free business consultation or request a quote online.

Marc Shade

Founder / Art Director / Project Manager

Marc has been involved in building websites since the earliest days of the industry. Most of that time was spent servicing corporate clients like Kellogg’s, Eaton/Dana, Stryker, ConAgra, Pharmacia/Upjohn, Hertz, etc… He’s worked on projects with teams from Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide, Brigandi & Associates and Biggs Gilmore to execute high quality online solutions for corporate clients all over the world.

He also has experience doing audio production, including the creating original music scores for corporate multimedia projects, Foley audio for the America’€™s Army video game, and general music recording and production both on and off the computer.

Marc started 2 Acre Studios in 2010 to provide small and medium sized businesses affordable access to ad agency services. He guides and orchestrates everything that happens here and can always be there in full support of every project.

Prashant Dault

Media Developer / Videographer / Photographer

Prashant has a passion for well-designed things and delivering clear, visually appealing aesthetics. As a photographer and web designer, he provides customers with stunning content that’s sure to leave an impression. Prashant is also the founder of bambüz, a sock company that he is in the process of recreating. Prashant has a background in branding and marketing, and he creates a powerful message throughout all of his work.

Sophie Queisi

Media Developer / Videographer / Photographer

Sophie is a passionate conceptual artist, as it pushes deeper than just a hobby for her. Art is her outlet. Whether it be illustration, animation, video or layout, her main focus is balance and beauty. There is a story in every piece of art and marketing is no different in her eyes. She has had art works placed in galleries in Amman, Jordan, Saint Joseph, Michigan, and South Bend Indiana. Sophie also has experience in both commercial photography and videography. Over all, her main focus through creating art is not just to impress the viewer, but also to make them question how she has created them, through the colors and the form of her videos and illustration.