Apply for a Grant

If your non-profit organization needs a website, you can apply for a grant from 2 Acre Studios. We do a few gratis projects each year for organizations we choose to support. If your organization is not chosen for a grant, we also provide work at a greatly reduced rate to all non-profits. Please contact us for more information.

Having a high quality, highly functional website will give your organization an edge online you won’t get with one built by a non-professional volunteer. We can build you something that will facilitate your organization’s strategies/practices and provide a powerful donation system to enable the ability for your supporters to contribute 24/7.

You must be a valid 501(3)C and your organization must be approved by 2 Acre Studios. Please submit the form below and we will get back to with an answer ASAP. If you are chosen for a grant, we will arrange a “kickoff” meeting either in person or over the phone.