Virtualizing Your Business or Nonprofit in 2020

Have you ever considered that a mouse just might handle the 2020 pandemic better than a human? Though he doesn’t use those exact words, that is just what Spencer Johnson suggests in the business classic Who Moved My Cheese. In this book, we learn a valuable lesson about being flexible. The author uses the metaphor […]

Web Design in Pittsburgh, PA Coming in Spring 2019

Website Design in Pittsburgh - 2 Acre Studios

We are opening a new web design and digital media production office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the spring of 2019! This will be our first expansion outside of Michigan since we started business in 2010. We’ll also be going through a rebranding effort sometime later in 2019, to reflect the way we’ve evolved over the […]

Does My Website Need SSL?

Does my website need SSL?

Starting in July 2018 Google Chrome web browser will indicate that a website is not secured using SSL in a much more visible manner. This means it will be much more apparent to your customers. This is a move by Google to further promote the use of SSL. All web browsers show the security status […]

Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Website Design in Pittsburgh To address the technology needs of nonprofits, Daniel Ben-Horin founded CompuMentor (later TechSoup). His objective was to create a program in which those with technology skills (“mentors”) volunteered to assist nonprofit organizations in gaining a foothold with new information technologies. It provides technology assistance services and NGO validation services to nongovernmental organizations, foundations, libraries, […]

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Management in Pittsburgh

Social media marketing is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., to market your brand or business. You can address your entire customer base through social media marketing, including; customers, employees, journalists and the general public. Strategically, social media marketing includes the management of both active and passive media to establish a firm’s […]

Website Security Tips

Website Security in Pittsburgh

[list icon=”icon: stop” icon_color=”#0073bb”] Change your FTP passwords, and make them strong. Do not run Windows XP, upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft no longer provides security patches for XP and it’s the least secure of all OS’s because of this. Run antivirus software like Microsoft Security Essentials and scan all your computers with […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

1. A good website gives your audience an impression of professionalism Customers have come to expect every business to have a website. Without one, you risk not being taken seriously by potential customers. Are you still in business? When are you open? Do you carry a certain product or brand? These are all the sorts […]

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design in Pittsburgh, PA

Because we use a Responsive framework behind our WordPress websites, they look and work great on every size screen. Web traffic from devices other than a regular computer is currently around 30% and …

Logging Into WordPress

WordPress Website Designer in Pittsburgh

To get into the administration side of your WordPress website, you can add /wp-admin after your domain name in your browser. So it would look like this: You can also get there by using the login page, which would be here: Once you are logged in, you will see the administrative control panel. […]

Getting Started With WordPress

Web Design in Pittsburgh, PA

WordPress started off as a simple blog framework, but has rapidly evolved into something much more robust. With a handful of the right plugins, it can be used to build any website you can think up. In spite of the depth of functionality, it is extremely easy to use. As a small business owner, you can quickly […]