Branding Questionnaire

Visual Branding Questionnaire

Please answer as many questions as you can, but don’t feel like you have to answer of them if you’re stumped by anything. Although, the more information you can provide, it makes the rest of the process go smoother/quicker.

I realize we may already know this information if we've worked with you before. You are welcome to skip this question if you know we already have this information.
4. Pick characteristics that best define your brand.
While this goes hand-in-hand with questions 1-4 but may be surprised how different the answers might be.
Alright, this may sound weird... But sometimes animals make the best logo images. We might not end up using an actual animal, but it can still be a helpful exercise.
Just list the company names and we will look for them online.
Colors convey a psychological impact to people. So, while you may personally like a certain color, make sure you know how it makes people feel. We also create black and white versions of your logo in addition to your chosen color. • Blue = Trust/Stability • Orange = Friendliness/Freshness • Yellow = Optimism/Brightness • Red = Excitement/Action • Purple = Creative/Royalty • Green = Peace/Organic
10. Which font style best fits your brand?