Greener Organics

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About Greener Organics

Greener Organics, LLC provides commercial recycling solutions for organic waste. Greener Organics provides a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for the diversion of commercial organic food waste (primarily generated by food manufacturers, grocery stores and other food distributors) from landfills. More specifically, it specializes in repurposing food waste into marketable, organic substrates which are the base material for compost, fertilizer, livestock feed and/or energy production. Greener Organics offers a cost-effective recycling service for its customers which provides the opportunity to (a) reduce or eliminate costs associated with landfill disposal, (b) utilize “Green” marketing campaigns, (c) provide increased brand protection through the compliant destruction of sub- standard or recalled goods and (d) harvest potential tax abatement/tax avoidance opportunities related to governmental recycling initiatives. In addition, Greener Organics provides multiple environmental benefits to the community it serves by reducing the reliance on local landfills and their associated environmental hazards (greenhouse gas emissions, water quality concerns, noise/odor nuisance issues, etc.) Greener Organics’ generates a marketable byproduct of its recycling operations (the separated organic material or “Substrate”) which captures and harnesses the nutrient and energy potential of the organic waste. Greener Organics generates additional revenue from the sale of Substrate specially formulated for use as supplemental livestock feed, raw material for composting and fertilizing operations, or anaerobic digestion for energy production.