Responsive Web Design in Pittsburgh, PA

Responsive Web Design is a must for modern websites. Web traffic from devices like phones and tablets are currently around 35% and quickly on the rise. Don’t lose that traffic and/or sales because your website doesn’t work on and iOS or Android devices. HTML5, JQuery, Responsive Grid Layout, it’s all in there doing all the work to make the adjustments on-the-fly. In the old days, we would have to give devices a different version of the website, but with a Responsive framework there is only one version of the website that adjusts to screen size instead. This means less work and cost involved in maintaining the website over time, while getting all the benefits of a multi-platform website.

Because we use a Responsive framework behind our WordPress websites, they look and work great on every size screen. Contact us now and let’s discuss how we can help you benefit from responsive web design.