CMS Website

Client: Acura Valuation

Industry: Real Estate Appraisal

Services Provided: Custom CMS Website Development, WordPress Implementation, Content Self-Management Tools, Lead Capture Form Integration, Appraisal Status Feature, Service Area Mapping

Background: Acura Valuation, a company specializing in residential and commercial property appraisals, required a dynamic website that provided essential tools for both clients and the company. The goal was to create a platform that was not only informative but also interactive, enhancing client engagement and operational efficiency.

Challenge: The main challenge was to develop a full-featured CMS website that allowed the client to independently manage content, saving on maintenance costs. Key functionalities such as a lead capture form, appraisal status checking, and a detailed service area map were essential components.

Solution by 2 Acre Studios:

  1. WordPress-Based CMS: We developed a comprehensive CMS website using WordPress, enabling easy content updates, page additions, and overall site management by the Acura Valuation team.
  2. Lead Capture Form in Header: A lead capture form was strategically placed in the site’s header, allowing prospects to easily request appraisals for their properties.
  3. Appraisal Status Request Feature: We included a link in the header for clients to check the status of their appraisals, adding convenience and transparency to the process.
  4. Service Area Map: A detailed map was integrated to display Acura Valuation’s service areas, office locations, and local representatives, providing clear information to clients and prospects.
  5. Content-Rich Pages: The website features informative pages, like tips on preparing for an appraisal, enhancing the client’s understanding and readiness for services.

Results: The new website has greatly benefited Acura Valuation and its clients:

Conclusion: 2 Acre Studios’ creation of the Acura Valuation website exemplifies the effective integration of user-friendly design with practical functionality. By providing a platform that streamlines the appraisal process and offers valuable resources, we have equipped Acura Valuation with a tool that not only serves their operational needs but also enhances client relationships and business efficiency.

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