We created a full-featured custom church website solution for a Unitarian Universalist Church in South West Michigan, which includes events, online donations, e-commerce and more.   Being a green sanctuary is a priority for the client, so by using online forms they are able to reduce the amount of paper they use.  For example, people have the ability to apply for new membership online, and once they are confirmed can complete the Affirmation and Pledge Form.  At this point they can sign up for automatic tithing that works with their budget; this reduces the paperwork for the congregation members and the church.

In addition, online donations can be made for specific fundraisers and charities important to the church.  The Volunteer Service Form is designed to clearly communicate what the church needs, in order to connect with the interests of the members.  The Newsletter Sign Up is a good way to have weekly communication with the members, and a great marketing tool for special events.  Up Coming Events reminds people of services, as well as extracurricular and non-church affiliated events.  E-commerce can be activated when the church chooses to, like when they host concerts, so they can sell tickets directly to patrons.

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Custom Church Website