Custom Church Website

Client: Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Industry: Religious Organization, Non-Profit

Services Provided: Custom Church Website Design, Online Donation System, E-Commerce Integration, Digital Membership Management

Background: Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a progressive church in Southwest Michigan, aimed to embrace digital solutions to enhance community engagement and uphold their commitment to environmental sustainability. Their vision was a comprehensive website that catered to various aspects of church life.

Challenge: The challenge was multifaceted: to design a website that facilitates events, donations, and e-commerce, while also transitioning traditional paper-based processes like membership applications and tithing into a digital format, in line with their green sanctuary principles.

Solution by 2 Acre Studios:

  1. Custom Website Solution: We developed a fully-featured website tailored to the specific needs of the Berrien UU community. This included sections for events, online donations, and e-commerce functionalities.
  2. Digital Membership Management: We enabled new members to apply online, affirm their pledges, and set up automatic tithing, significantly reducing paper usage and administrative efforts.
  3. Online Donation and Fundraising Platform: The website features a dedicated section for online donations, allowing members and visitors to contribute to various fundraisers and church-supported charities.
  4. Volunteer Service Form: An interactive form was created to align volunteer opportunities with the interests and skills of congregation members.
  5. Newsletter Integration: We included a newsletter signup to facilitate weekly communication, promoting church events and activities as an effective marketing tool.
  6. Event Promotion and E-Commerce: The ‘Upcoming Events’ section highlights church and community events. The e-commerce feature is activated for specific events like concerts, allowing ticket sales directly through the website.

Results: Berrien UU’s website has significantly impacted their community engagement and operational efficiency:

Conclusion: 2 Acre Studios’ development of the Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s website is a testament to the power of digital solutions in enhancing community engagement and promoting sustainability. The custom website not only serves the varied needs of the congregation but also aligns with the church’s environmental and social values, marking a significant step forward in their digital journey.