Client: Pine Hill Records

Industry: Music, E-Commerce

Services Provided: E-Commerce Website Development, Integration of Music Streaming, PayPal Payment Setup, Shipping Features Optimization

Background: Pine Hill Records, an independent record label, sought to amplify their online presence by launching an e-commerce platform. Their objective was to sell their complete catalog online, providing a seamless shopping experience for music enthusiasts.

Challenge: The challenge was to design a website that not only represented Pine Hill Records’ brand but also offered a user-friendly, efficient e-commerce solution. This included integrating music streaming, setting up a reliable payment system, and implementing fine-tuned shipping features.

Solution by 2 Acre Studios:

  1. E-Commerce Development: We created a robust e-commerce website that allows Pine Hill Records to showcase and sell their entire music catalog online.
  2. Music Streaming Integration: Recognizing the importance of previewing music, we integrated their existing online streaming service, enabling visitors to listen to tracks directly on the website.
  3. PayPal Payment Integration: To facilitate secure and cost-effective transactions, we set up PayPal as the payment method, avoiding the setup and monthly processing costs typically associated with bank payment processing.
  4. Optimized Shipping Features: We fine-tuned the shipping functionalities to ensure a fair and straightforward process for both the label and its customers.
  5. Aesthetic and Functional Design: The website was designed to reflect the essence of Pine Hill Records, serving as a perfect digital palette for their label. The backend was tailored to streamline order fulfillment.

Results: The launch of Pine Hill Records’ e-commerce website has been a game-changer:

Conclusion: 2 Acre Studios’ development of Pine Hill Records’ e-commerce website demonstrates the power of combining aesthetics with functionality in the music industry. By providing an online platform that aligns with the label’s identity and meets the needs of music fans, we have set the stage for Pine Hill Records to grow their audience and sales in the digital realm.

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