Equipment Rental Catalog

Client: Fader Equipment

Industry: Equipment Rental

Services Provided: Website Rebuild with WordPress, Custom CMS for Rate Management, Online Rental Catalog Development, Professional Photography Services

Background: Fader Equipment, a seasoned player in the equipment rental industry, faced the challenge of an outdated online presence. Their decade-old website, built on antiquated code, needed a complete overhaul to meet modern digital demands.

Challenge: The project’s core challenge was transitioning from an outdated website to a contemporary, efficient, and user-friendly platform. Fader Equipment required an online catalog system that showcased their products effectively, coupled with the capability to easily manage rental rates.

Solution by 2 Acre Studios:

  1. Modern WordPress Website: We crafted a new website using WordPress, providing a fresh, up-to-date digital face for Fader Equipment.
  2. Custom CMS Integration: To empower the client with easy management of rental rates, we customized the content management system, enhancing their operational flexibility.
  3. Efficient Online Catalog: Our team developed an online equipment rental catalog, showcasing products with detailed information and pricing, fulfilling the client’s need for a straightforward digital catalog without the complexities of e-commerce.
  4. Professional Photography Services: Acknowledging the importance of visual appeal, we provided on-site professional photography services, capturing the equipment in high-quality images that significantly elevated the website’s professional look.
  5. User-Centric Design: The website was designed with a focus on ease of navigation, allowing customers to effortlessly browse through the equipment catalog and access pricing information.

Results: The reinvention of Fader Equipment’s website yielded notable benefits:

Conclusion: 2 Acre Studios’ redevelopment of the Fader Equipment website exemplifies our expertise in crafting tailored digital solutions that address specific business needs. By delivering a modern website with a custom CMS and a visually compelling online catalog, we have provided Fader Equipment with a vital tool for business growth, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer interaction.

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