A Visually Stunning Portfolio Based Website

Client: MAS Design

Industry: Interior Design

Services Provided: Portfolio-Based Website Design, Blog Integration, Email Marketing, Digital Showcasing of Awards and Recognition

Background: MAS Design, an interior design firm known for its exquisite and innovative designs, required a website that mirrored their artistic flair and professional excellence. The aim was to create an online platform that not only showcased their portfolio but also highlighted their achievements and facilitated ongoing client engagement.

Challenge: The challenge was to construct a website that functioned as a digital gallery, showcasing the elegance and creativity of MAS Design’s work. The site needed to be visually stunning, user-friendly, and effective in presenting their portfolio, awards, and industry recognition.

Solution by 2 Acre Studios:

  1. Artistic Website Design: We crafted a website that serves as a virtual art gallery, exhibiting the sophistication and creativity inherent in MAS Design’s projects. The design was meticulously planned to reflect the high standards of their physical work.
  2. Portfolio Showcase: A major feature of the website is the portfolio section, where MAS Design’s projects are displayed in high resolution, allowing clients and visitors to explore their work in detail.
  3. Awards and Recognition Display: We incorporated a section dedicated to showcasing the awards and accolades received by MAS Design, enhancing their credibility and prestige in the industry.
  4. Blog Integration and Email Marketing: The website includes an integrated blog, updated regularly with new content. Each blog post is connected to an email marketing system, ensuring that clients and fans receive updates directly in their inboxes.
  5. User-Friendly Navigation: Despite its sophisticated design, the website maintains user-friendly navigation, making it easy for visitors to explore MAS Design’s portfolio, read their blog, and learn about their services.

Results: The launch of the MAS Design website has significantly elevated their online presence:

  • Enhanced digital showcasing of their portfolio, leading to increased client interest and inquiries.
  • Successful integration of the awards section, reinforcing MAS Design’s reputation in the interior design industry.
  • Improved client engagement through the blog and email marketing system, keeping their audience updated and connected.
  • Positive feedback from clients and visitors on the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the website.

Conclusion: 2 Acre Studios’ creation of MAS Design’s website is a testament to our ability to blend artistic design with digital functionality. The site not only serves as a comprehensive portfolio of MAS Design’s work but also as an effective tool for client engagement and brand promotion, reflecting the artistic excellence that MAS Design stands for.

Marc has been amazing. It took a while for my firm to find the right web designer for our needs. We are an interior design firm and are admittedly extremely picky about our aesthetic, (and equally clueless about the programming and strategy to create a successful site). So we’re super lucky to have found Marc, and 2 Acre Studios was worth the wait! Marc is super professional, a genius at whatever the heck it is he does behind the scenes, and is accepting and patient with our many changes and questions. Needless to say, I have learned a lot. (About SEO – search engine optimization: optimizing images on our site, changing our URL for valuable content searches, etc). Plus, he was supportive of our aesthetic and worked diligently to deliver to perfection until we were satisfied. Check it out, it’s lovely: www.thisisMAS.com

He has since researched and created several smart features including a custom photo gallery slider, a WordPress blog that is easy to use and seamless with our design. He hosts and updates our site and when he noticed that we changed our Facebook address change he was proactive in updating it on the site before I had a moment to ask! We are crazy impressed. Hire him. You want smart, proactive, professional support like this.
Dawn Carlson, Owner & Principal Designer, MAS Design