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Marketing & Outreach for Nonprofits

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Use our marketing methodology to find more customers or clients in ways you haven’t thought of and breathe new life into your business.

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Marketing & Outreach for Nonprofits

Marketing is defined by what you say, not what you do.

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." - Robert McKee

You’ll will hear people say, “You need to create a website, post on social media, and put money in paid ads.” They’re right to a point, but what’s the plan? What do you do first? What’s the strategy? What are your goals?

In my nearly 30 years as a digital marketer, I’ve seen the same thing happen over and over again. Someone with good intentions reaches for these tools thinking that one of them will help to achieve their goal, only to realize most of the time spent on it was pretty much wasted with no real lasting results.

What’s missing? The STORY!

Why do we use a storytelling framework to create marketing content? Because it works.

We help you tell your story effectively and emotionally connect to your supporters.


Listen & Research

In order to develop the right storytelling-based marketing strategy, we learn about your business. Once we understand your goals and desired outcomes, our we create a strategy that will produce results.


Build Your Story

Next, we guide you through the “Hero’s Journey” storytelling process to generate a clear message to reach out to your customers. We help pinpoint your customer’s problem and then use storytelling techniques to communicate how you solve it for them.


Implement The Script

Our team designs and creates the media assets that will go into your new branding, website, and marketing. This includes writing copy, creating graphics, and designing the website. Check-ins throughout the process help keep you informed as your project comes to life.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We follow proven steps to build a plan to improve your marketing presence using our storytelling framework. This process is included with each one of our marketing services with good reason. The information gathered and materials produced during the process, enables a very focused and meaningful approach to creating successful marketing content.

Storytelling Style Marketing & Outreach for Nonprofits

Website & Email


We work with you to create the website you need. Using the building blocks from our storytelling framework, we work with you to deliver the following items:

Promotional Marketing Campaign


We listen to understand your needs and goals. Then, using our proven storytelling framework, we work with you to put your clear message together. Next, we use the building blocks created from our storytelling process to deliver the following items:

Logo & Branding


We’ll collaborate closely with you to design your branding – logo, fonts, colors, support files, and style guide. These will be used across all the marketing and promotional materials we’ll create.

Total: $14,000. If packages purchased together, only $12,000*

* Discounted price available with 50% down with balance of 50% paid in 90 days. Full price if you’d like all packages, but pay $583 per month for 24 months.

Startup Marketing & Outreach for Nonprofits

Startup Package

Just starting out? Need a website fast? We can help you with that! Our WordPress-based solution is the fastest and easiest way to get your business online in no time. You can get started right away, while also having the ability to explore a multitude of additional features and options in the future.



* Does not include web hosting, domain name, email marketing set up or branding package.

How Marketing Succeeds

Do you have all the pieces you need in place to effectively market and promote your business? When you have the different parts working together, you have what you need – a well oiled marketing machine.

Marketing & Outreach for Nonprofits

Additional Services

Need something else? We can help you improve your existing online marketing. Don’t have a marketing plan? We can help you with that too!

Content Writing

$100 per article

Blog posts, case studies, testimonials, success stories, email and campaigns.

Video Creation

$100 and up

We write a script and produce a short promotional video for you.

Social Media

Starting at $300 a month

Our team helps manage your social media channels, post, create events, and grow your audience.

Paid Ads

Starting at $500 a month

Let us run your online ads on both social media and Google Ads.

Email Blast

$200 per campaign

We’ll create your email, manage your list, send it out, and report the results.


Starting at $1,200

After an audit of your current web properties, we make improvements based on keyword research.

"Hero's Journey" Storytelling Process

(Stand Alone Version)


Don’t know which services you need yet? This is a great option if you’re just starting out, or if you’re planning on doing your own marketing or promotion. We still take you through the same discovery process we use to create our full-service solutions. But, we leave the heavy lifting for later. You will still receive the same valuable information in the end, which you can go on to use any way you’d like. Note that if you later decide to work with us on one of the full packages listed above, the whole of your $400 payment will be subtracted from the total. This means you will receive the storytelling process session for FREE when it’s done along with our full-service offerings!


* The “Hero’s Journey” storytelling process is included with all of our digital marketing services.

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